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Karp T Shirts

We know tees...

Welcome to Karp. In a nutshell, Karp Tee's can't promise to make your boarding better, but we can make you look good while you’re doing it. Trust us that has not been an easy task, trying to make someone look good that have been hit with the ugly stick has taken us to our limits, but we have created the sublime tees you see before you.

Karp Tee's have a great fit, not that we're biased!! They fit the shape of the body really well and are made to the highest quality. They have a slightly fitted feel but aren't like the tee's you see the fella's down the gym wearing, you know the ones where they have had to talc up before slipping into what can only be presumed to be their little brothers P.E Shirt. However if you find your Karp tee not quite fitting the way you want, you may need to visit www.tackelingobesity.com.